7 Podcasts About Money for Beginner Investors

If you are looking to better your financial knowledge while on the go, then podcasting is the way to do it.  Many people spend hours driving to work or school, all of which can be used to learn a little something about money.  So we have compiled a list of 7 podcasts that are perfect for beginner investors.


Stacking Benjamins

Stacking Benjamins covers a wide variety of topics from retirement planning to traveling on a budget.  Joe Saul-Sehy, the host, and OG (stands for the Other Guy), the co-host, interview people from all types of backgrounds in a fun, lighthearted way.  They know how to make learning about money fun and enjoyable.

The M.O.N.E.Y. show

Co-hosts Paula Pant and J Money are both financial bloggers that started a podcast together.  They like to talk about entrepreneurship most of all but also cover topics such as real estate investing and blogging.  The show does a good job appealing to beginners and they know a lot about running a business.

BiggerPockets Podcast

Hosts Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner deliver interviews and tips each week for listeners who want to grow their real estate business. Fans praise the show for offering real, practical advice from real estate investors. Whether you are thinking about starting a career in real estate or are already a seasoned real estate investor, BiggerPockets could be a great podcast to help you improve your skills, get insight into the market and, hopefully, make some money.

Planet Money

This show is less about investing, but instead features in-depth stories about various money issues.  This show is perfect for people that want to learn something new but need a break from the typical investment podcast.  It is very entertaining and will keep you wanting more.

The Money Guy Show

Brian Preston and Bo Hansen are the voices behind this podcast. They are both certified financial planners with Preston & Cleveland Wealth Management. The show covers both in-depth investing topics and lighter personal finance and money management issues. Recent podcasts, for example, have focused on everything from robo advisors to the stock market to financial mistakes that professional athletes make.

The Money Tree Investing Podcast

The podcast can be a little dry at times but the information is very helpful to those that are just starting with investing.  They have a panel of 4 hosts that take turns conducting interviews that are  then discussed as a group.  All 4 hosts come from different backgrounds and thus have different perspectives on investing.  It is refreshing not hearing the same cookie cutter advice for every financial question.

Jill on Money

Jill Schlesinger hosts a radio show that she has turned into a podcast.  She dedicates her show to answering listener questions.  People call in with all different types of financial questions, and she does her best to gather information and help them with their problems.  It’s a perfect podcast for people with very specific financial needs.

What podcast do you like to listen to on your morning commute?


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