7 Websites That Will Make Your Life Easier

Websites for an Easier LifeWebsites for an Easier Life

Surfing the web can either be distracting or amusing depending on the sites you visit. This is a free world and just about anybody can create his own website for the whole world to see. Unfortunately, there’s no law protecting us from pathetic websites. This explains why often our Google searches lead us to not-so helpful sites.

Knowing how difficult it could be to tell which stuff is useful and which isn’t, we’ve come up with a list of some sites with tons of resources and information to make your life easier.


If you or your child is having problems learning math or science, then this site is worth a try. It’s customized for different grade levels and tracks users’ progress in various subjects. Its reward system and statistics are designed to give you a clear picture of how you’re progressing.


If you’ve always wanted to keep your house neat and tidy, but don’t know how, visit this site and you’re in for a surprise. It has tips and articles on almost about everything from creating more spaces in your home to organizing paperwork.


This is another interesting website, which was created to help you build positive habits and good character. Users are required to list down the things they want to accomplish. Instant rewards are given to achievers while those who fail are given some penalties. Be careful though, because sticking to bad habits can eventually affect the health of your character.


Sometimes words are not enough to show some of your great online tips and tricks to friends or followers. Nothing to worry Screenr, is here to help. You can use it to make powerful short videos so your family and friends can have a glimpse of some of the things you do online.


Printing something from the Internet can be a waste of paper. Either we get blank pages or those which are full of ads. Thanks to this website now you can print something off the internet in an easy-to-read format.


Most of us are struggling with creating budgets and keeping track of our spending habits. Thankfully, there is MoneyStrads. Not only will it show you how you’re spending your finances, it also allows you to compare your financial habits with other users. The site will also tell you which financial products and credit cards match your means and financial goals.


We are all humans and as much as we want to do everything by ourselves, we can’t. Either we don’t know how to do a certain job well or we’ve run out of energy to accomplish it or we simply hate to do it. Good thing there’s TaskRabbit established to help us find the perfect man for the job at an affordable rate.